Dongguan Baitong Precision Mould Manuafacturing Co.,Ltd.was established in 1998 and is located in Huangjiang Town, Dongguan City. It is a global professional, research and development, production and sales supplier of mold parts, mold non-standard parts, automated tool fixtures and machine tool parts.

    1.Receive customer inquiries and fully understand customer requirements.

    2.If the customer already has a design and only needs us to produce a product with the company logo, then we will send a quotation. However, if the customer's design is not ideal, our sales team and R&D department will send recommended solutions as soon as possible.

    3.Sales will quote different solutions and prices.

    4.Through communication, to reach a consensus on the design and price.

    5.After confirming the order, the production department starts to work.

    6.Products will accept 100% quality inspection before shipment.

    7.After the packaging is complete, the product will be shipped.

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