Customized high precision fully independent strokes Two-stage Ejectors BT-B1870

Customized high precision fully independent strokes Two-stage Ejectors BT-B1870

General application:
1,Bottom Ejector Plate is last movement
2,Ideal for molds with complex lifters and/or side actions
3,Ejector Plate are precisely positioned, throughout both ejection and retraction sequences
4.Stroke lengths are simple to set, and remained fixed once set
5,Round design facilitates design, machining, installation
6,Internal installation frees up space on exterior of mold
7,Internal installation protects against accidental damage or tampering
8,Hardened steel, precisely machined, for smooth, long-lasting, trouble-free operation

Model Numlatch Locks Z73ber:Two-stage Ejectors BT-B1870
Product Material:Alloy Steel
Hardness 40-60HRC
Shaping Mode:Plastic Injection Mould
Surface Treatment:Heat Treatment

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In 1998, BAITO started with Date stamp pins and cooling circuit plugs. In the past 23 years, BAITO has made continuous efforts to develop new products and update production equipment to improve product quality. Today, BAITO has become a reliable partner in the mold industry. The following are our main products: a large inventory of standard mold parts, such as: slide retainer, date stamps, air valves, spring cores, latches, mold sliders, positioning components, etc. Precision customized parts, such as round parts, mold inserts, CNC machining parts, machine automation parts, etc. Dongguan Baito Precision Mould Manuafacturing Co.,Ltd.was established in 1998 and is located in Huangjiang Town, Dongguan City. It is a global professional, research and development, production and sales supplier of mold parts, mold non-standard parts, automated tool fixtures and machine tool parts. After more than 20 years of development, we have not forgotten our original intention. All BAITO colleagues have worked together to establish industry standards and create a global one-stop procurement platform for mold parts.After experiencing the rapid development of molds in the world and China, Baito Precision adheres to the innovative and pragmatic concept and active and diligent spirit. We are committed to becoming an excellent mold supplier. Take the long-term needs of customers as the company's strategic development.

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